Mixing MusicMixing and mastering your cd is the last step of the manufacturing stage that will certainly make or break your audio productions. But today, mixing and mastering can be done totally online or by you, if you choose to do so.  You should check out the various websites that teach you how to mix via tutorials, articles and videos.  It will get you up to par in what you should be doing to mix your tracks.

The music business is a highly competitive market, so ensuring your tracks are absolutely perfect is an absolute must. Top quality sound is progressively becoming the norm and is definitely sought after as audio systems progress in their quality as well.  The much better experience you give to the listener then the happy they will be.  You want fans for life!!!

What is Mixing?

The process of mixing music can sometimes be pretty ambiguous so it is essential that you understand what it is all about.

Mixing Music is where you try to create a musically pleasing experience for the listener. You do this by using tools like compression, EQ, Delays and even reverbs.  You truly want the track to attract attention from the audience by offering a unique sonic texture to it.  Even though mastering comes last, it’s still some what part of the mixing process.  You just want to make sure that all the volumes are set correctly so that there isn’t an unevenness to all the songs.

It’s actually a good idea to do all the mixing and mastering around the same time and have the same person, if not you, do all the songs.  Of course you want to have different people mixing and different people mastering but you can decide that yourself. If you are doing the mixing than you need not worry about it.  The reason why you should have one person mix all the songs is so that there is a Constancy among the records.  They should all sound very similar and they should sound like they are meant to live together.

It’s just Important, Okay?

Bascailly, mixing and mastering is massively important to the sound of your records.  It’s probably the very best method to ensure your audience is happy when they listen to one of your songs or share it with their friends.  Nobody wants to listen to a song that isn’t top quality.  It makes you look unprofessional and not serious about your craft. This procedure is vital to making certain you succeed in your music endeavors.

If you decide not to tackle the mixing on your own, there are plenty of services that offer mixing online and for a very reasonable price.

To learn some really cool stuff on mixing I suggest checking out www.modernmixing.com especially his post on mixing vocals.  His tutorials are of the highest quality I have seen.

Also here is a cool video I found on mixing music.